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About Us

Hand-Craft Modern Jewellery by BK & JIO

Meet BK & JIO

BK & JIO is an international fashion jewellery brand. The collection specialize in fashionable yet everyday piece with a little twist. Each piece is carefully crafted in our Seoul studio. We take great pride in the quality of our products, and a wide range of collection for every woman, at sensible prices. 

Designer duo BK & JIO both studied design in London. After graduating, they took a side-step into the world of jewellery and accessories. The label ‘BK & JIO’ was first used while trading in the several local markets in London. The label has slowly but continuously grown worldwide. Thanks to the support of all customers BK and JIO decided to step forward by opening this new online shop.

Our Inspiration

Our design inspiration comes from everywhere in our life - not only from contemporary trends, but mainly comes from nature, our daily life and the spontaneous thought we capture in every moment. BK & JIO will be happy to be asked any suggestions about new design ideas and custom orders. BK & JIO aims to reflect the fast changing needs of market and continue to offer meaningful pieces for every woman. 
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*Please note : We are NOT selling on AliExpress, if you see anyone who is selling under our name or using the same photos we'd appreciate if you let us know. It is our significant concern that some sellers in China are making copycat items and taking our original photos and our legal name. All photos and contents used in this website belong to BK & JIO and we take great pride in the product quality, original design and beautiful photography with hard work.